Kingdom Day

When the Seto people and their guests gather for the Seto Kingdom day in August, it is the culmination of the year in Setomaa. It is a chance to experience the Seto language, handicraft, music and cuisine. Naturally, there is plenty of singing and dancing. Various Seto foods can be sampled and purchased to take home. The best kargusõ kargaja or traditional Seto dancer is selected, as well as the best sõnolinõ or improvisational songsmith, the best instrumentalists, craftspeople and preparers of food and drink. The Seto people decide who will be the next representative of the Seto people – the ülemsootska. In ancient times, the Seto spokesperson was their god Peko, who is now resting in the Petseri monastery caves. Now the sootska is the one through whom Peko speaks to the Seto people and others farther off.
The election of the ülemsootska does not mean the end of the Kingdom Day – finally, a grand Seto military parade takes place, and with singing, dancing and revelry the evening continues.

XXVIII Seto Kingdom Day took place on August 7, 2021 in Lobotka village.


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