Setomaa is a region where many traditions have been carefully preserved, while they have been lost elsewhere: here people often wear traditional clothes, celebrate church and folk holidays, sing leelo folk songs and kõnõldas uma kiilt - speak their own language. You don't just hear and see these things every day, which is why it makes sense to plan ahead and to get in contact with a local guide, who knows how to put an exciting program together and can show you different places and people. The border theme is very interesting: Setomaa is located in many ways right on the border! At the Saatse Boot, one can even pass over the border for a moment.

Local guides will tailor their programs to suit you or your client's needs. You should devote a whole day for a trip to Setomaa, depending on the trip's starting and ending points. You should spend at least half a day on-site here (5 hours). But Setomaa has so much to offer that you can spend several meaningful days. 

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