Home restaurant Maagõkõnõ at Toomemäe farm

  • Kohti sees en:
  • 35
  • Kohti väljas en:
  • 40
  • Address:
  • Saabolda küla, Setomaa vald, Võru
  • Mobiil:
  • (+372) 53418777
  • E-mail:
  • toomemaetalu@gmail.com
  • Payment methods:
  • Cash only

The history of Toomemäe farm began a long time ago when our family was looking for a suitable farm. Naturally, it had to be located in Setomaa because this is the place where we were born, raised, and spend our lives. Saabolda village had a perfect place for us, so here we are, working in our home restaurant Maagõkõnõ.
We prepare meals with clean flavours, which were the daily fare for our grannies, but nowadays is considered gourmet. We want to serve food that is characteristic of this area and was part of our childhood, such as main courses with pike. Using raw local and organic ingredients is self-evident.