Pop-up cafe day

Pop-up Café Day takes place once a year in August, about one week after the Seto Kingdom Day festival. The cafes can be found in the most widespread places, and many a farmyard. Seto food is nutritious and healthy – invariably sourced from fresh components. On this day, we will showcase our finest home chefs and the most scenic places in our villages. Seto Pop-up Café day will take place for the seventh time already, it has become a veritable festival for homemakers and farm folk – people eagerly think ahead and start preparing for it as soon as the snow melts in spring. 

We welcome you to a veritable feast at Pop-up Café Day on SATURDAY, 17 August from 12.00–20.00 (with ObiNizza Üülokaal nightspot open from 19:00 to 5:00 in the morning on Sunday!) 
and on SUNDAY, 18 AUGUST, 11:00–16:00, an “afterparty” where some of the cafés will continue to serve food as long as supplies last. The cafés that will be open on Sunday are marked with an asterisk (*).

In 2019, there will be 14 cafes along the 100-kilometre Seto Külävüü tourist route. 

PEREPETŠI PIÄTÜS at Inara’s Old White Coffee Hut, Mikitamäe *
KÕRTSITARÕ, Niitsiku* 
KITKUT SÕTKUT, Saatse Museum (no group bookings)
RÜAHÜÄ, Iti’s Bakery, Obinitsa* 
OBINIZZA ÜÜLOKAAL, Seto studio-gallery, Obinitsa (no group bookings)
RIKKA IVVANI MAN, Küllätüvä (no group bookings)
KIVITII, Määsi (no group bookings)

Most cafés will accept bookings for groups up to 20 people. Those that don’t take groups are indicated accordingly. Please make reservations timely, by 12 August. Smaller groups are welcome at other cafés, but please be aware that customers will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. Some cafés may not have the capacity to handle large groups. We ask for your understanding in this regard!

You’ll find the Pop-up Café Day cafés by their signposts along the roads, but you can plan your route on a map at maps.visitsetomaa.ee. Click on the café’s name to see all the possibilities available for smartphone users. The participating cafés offer maps of Setomaa for purchase. If you are on bicycle, take a train to a nearby station (such as Ilumetsa, Koidula or Piusa). Coming by car will probably allow you to fit in the greatest number of cafés. 

Each café has a different way of getting Pop-up Café started. Some will raise the Seto flag, others will offer the first visitors a complimentary gift. Rikka Ivvani café will open first – cake and coffee will be served starting at 11am. Check out each café’s description! The Pop-up Café Day brochure provides some more useful information. It can be purchased at the first café you visit or in advance from the tourist information centres in three larger southern towns – Tartu, Võru and Räpina.

On Saturday night, everyone’s invited to the ObiNizza nightspot. During the day, you can tour the Kunstizaal gallery, while the nightspot is open from 7pm to 5am. It will be a busy programme, with poetry and song, leelo singing and instrumentalists; dancing, too.

Camping. Besides traditional lodging, some cafés offer the possibility of on-site camping. They are: Kõrtsitarõ, Maagõkõsõ maitsõ', Ostrovaoro pervepäälne, Kirsi talo kohvitarõ, Piiri veereh, Anzelika mahetalo. For more information, ask the host or hostess at the café (the contact information is listed in the introduction of each café).

Photos of Pop-up cafe day 2018 (Photographers Harri A.Sundell fotodKersti VirroMartin Ivask)
Photos of Pop-up cafe day 2017 (Photographers  Harri A. Sundell fotodMartin Ivask)


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