Pop-up cafe day

We look forward to welcoming you at Seto Pop-up Café Day on SATURDAY, 15 AUGUST, 12:00–20:00
and an AFTERPARTY on SUNDAY, 16 AUGUST, 11:00–16:00, where food will continue to be served as long as supplies last. The cafés that will be open on Sunday for the afterparty are marked with an asterisk (*).

Note: The ObiNizza night spot will be open on Saturday from 17:00 until 2:00 early Sunday morning!

In 2020, there will be 19 cafes open along the 100-kilometre-long Seto Külävüü touring route.

ÕKVA ÜLE MORO, Toomasmäe Village *
VANAVALGÕH VANNAMUUDU, Inara vanavalgõ kohvitarõ in Mikitamäe *
MAAGÕKÕSÕ MAITSÕ’, Saabolda Village *
VÄIKO KÕIVO KODO, Korela Village
NÄPOTÜÜ KOTUS, Matsuri Village *
OBINIZZA ÜÜLOKAAL, Seto studio and gallery in Obinitsa *
RUUSUU PARVÕRUUG, Küllätüvä Village *
RIKKA IVVANI MAN, Küllätüvä Village
UMATSÕ TSÄIMAJA, Tsergondõ Village
ILOLINE KIRSITALO, Meremäe Village *
PIIRI VEEREH, Vinski Village
MAAIMÄ KÜÜK, Vatsa Village
KIVITII, Määsi Village in Luhamaa *

This year, there are country-wide special rules for public events and we won’t be taking group bookings. Naturally, if you come with a few friends and family members, you will be most welcome. Just keep in mind that you will not have priority over anyone else.

You can find the pop-up cafés by navigating with a smartphone, for example, or also follow signs posted on the roadside. If you like, you can put together an itinerary beforehand. Tap the name of the café to see all the different options available on your device. You can buy Setomaa maps at tourist information offices. If plan to cycle from one café to the next, taking the train to Ilumetsa, Koidula or Piusa will put you within striking distance.

Note: If you take the Värska-Saabolda road, you should be aware that a stretch runs through Russian Federation territory. The road is open and you don’t need a visa, but you are not allowed to stop. So just proceed continuously and don’t turn off any forest roads as Google map advises.

Each café has a different way of getting Pop-up Café Day started. Some will raise the Seto flag, Kivitii will remove a lamb from a roasting pit, and Vanavalgõh vannamuudu will start Seto dancing. The first café to open will be Rikka Ivvani man – coffee and cake will be served starting 11am. Take a look at the descriptions for each cafe! The Pop-up Café day brochure also provides information. It can be acquired at the first café or a couple days in advance at the Tartu, Võru and Räpina tourist information centres.

Take part in workshops, too! For example, Kirsi Farm will have a Seto dance workshop, while Kriisa Farm teaches weaving. Vanavalgõh vannamuudu will teach participants to embroider white Seto lace, and Väiko kõivo kodo will introduce health topics (register in advance!). Read the café descriptions for more details.

Everyone is invited to ObiNizza üülokaal on Saturday evening. During the day, you can tour the Kunstizaal art gallery, while the night spot will welcome patrons from 17:00. It will be an activity-filled programme, with poetry and dancing, Seto folk song and instrumental music; dancing, too.
Two cafés, Õkva üle moro and Näpotüü kotus, are planning a Saturday evening bonfire. Other cafés may join in with bonfire parties of their own, depending on interest from visitors.

Photos of Pop-up cafe day in 2019 (Photographers Grethe Rõõm, Harri A.Sundell, Kersti Virro)
Photos of Pop-up cafe day 2018 (Photographers Harri A.Sundell fotodKersti VirroMartin Ivask)
Photos of Pop-up cafe day 2017 (Photographers  Harri A. Sundell fotodMartin Ivask)


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